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Venus Patel

Based in Dublin 

Experimental Filmmaker

Performance Artist

Patel’s work concerns her experience as a trans femme of colour, trying to navigate the world. Through the use of costuming and loose gender expression, she encapsulates the campy blend of her queer identity. Venus questions the heteronormative society we live in, why the need to conform is so heavily enforced, and how that affects the perceptions of ourself, others, and the world around us. Although her work deals with serious subject matter, she utilises a unique mix of humour, absurdity, and abjection to create multi-faceted performances and experiences.



2018-2022 BA Fine Art, First Honours

 TU Dublin


Grants & Awards 

2022- Taylor Art Award

          RDS Visual Art Awards

2022- Image Now Award

2022- Judge's Choice Award

            Dublin Fringe Festival


Exhibitions & Festivals

2023- Monsters of the Apocalypse

2022-3-Periodical Review 12

               Pallas Projects

2022- RDS Visual Art Awards


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